The brand new Kylix within the Etruria: Contexts and you will Pictures

The brand new Kylix within the Etruria: Contexts and you will Pictures

The type B Kylix

Contained in this section, i look at the visibility of your own Sorts of B kylix within the contexts inside the North Etruria together with Mugello, for instance the look of the shape various other sanctuaries, from inside the tombs along with photographs towards the a variety of media. Regardless if Reusser features presented one to brought in Greek vases are not only used in elite group contexts, evidence off each other tombs and epic home-based/political setup to make certain united states one to such as for example ships are still common certainly the standard phrases regarding elite label.

Throughout Etruria, the fresh kylix is one of well-known form of every brought in Attic pottery. During the tombs at the Bologna, 80 km north of Poggio Colla, kylikes are the normally discover shape certainly one of Attic figural vases matchmaking out-of 550–400 B. C. Elizabeth.; as the number may differ one of several certain Bologna cemeteries, the type B red-contour kylix is considered the most prominent figure to appear in tombs complete.

Other fascinating manifestation of this new taste to your Kind of B kylix profile within Bologna is the fact more Attic black-glaze, non-figural examples are available in Bologna tombs compared to the fresh new Athenian Agora. Weighed against the 2 typed advice from the Agora, nearly a century apart inside go out, you can find 16 black-glaze kylikes regarding Bologna tombs. Moreover, because there are limited distinctions of the figure found in the new Bologna classification that aren’t paralleled in the issue on the Agora, Govi signifies that the proper execution during the black glaze was created and you will designated to your north Adriatic places by the Athenian black-glaze ceramic classes. Whilst the decorated views with the red-figure kylikes have been undoubtedly regarding enormous appeal to Etruscan customers, the design by itself must also had been crucial, an inclination that Athenian potters answered.

Graves are not the only North Etruscan contexts where in fact the dominance of one’s Loft kylix try recorded. You to definitely residential example, at Gonfienti, near Prato and from the 50 kilometres out-of Poggio Colla, is good monumental strengthening you to definitely lead of many fragments from brought in Attic black-glaze and you can black colored- and yellow-figure pottery; a questionnaire B kylix associated with Douris is the most complete example. Multiple sanctuaries in the area stretching so you’re able to Bologna in the northern and you may Chiusi regarding southern area show a modest exposure out of brought in Loft pottery, which have a specific taste toward yellow-figure kylix.

So it image changes regarding the North Etruscan Mugello region where Poggio Colla is based, because the merely an incredibly small number of red-colored-shape Attic imports are noted during the cult internet sites. Lately, a small amount of brought in Attic ceramic checked during the sanctuary so you can Tinia from the Monte Giovi, not within the a clearly votive framework. Due to the fact recently sumer, a number of the excavated sanctuary internet sites inside Mugello keep a couple fragments regarding sixth-fifth 100 years Attic ceramic, and kylikes, while some write not one whatsoever. Hence Kramer’s functions aids the scene that singularity observed within Poggio Colla is actually exceptional to possess North Etruria total, however, adapts so you’re able to a very slim local norm kupon hitwe.

The kind B Kylix inside the Pictures: Tomb-color

Pictures can also serve to illuminate the brand new character of your kylix profile for the Etruscan society for example within Poggio Colla. Based on Reusser’s directories, this new kylix seem to looks in the wall color views; out of twelve decorated tombs on Chiusi and you may Tarquinia portraying kylikeia and you may matchmaking into the sixth-5th centuries, five are the contour; in those tombs where zero kylikeion are illustrated, at the Chiusi, Grotte Santo Stefano and you can Tarquinia, 18 out-of 34 keep sketches that are included with kylikes. Banqueters and you can moving komasts holding kylikes highly recommend its play with once the sipping cups and

Fig. 11

drinking-relevant online game particularly kottabos (fig. 11). Regardless if assuming pictures to help you mirror facts will be problematic, students generally agree that the fresh new Loft stemmed kylix had a place when you look at the “sets” of real Etruscan banqueting gizmos.

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