Boppy nursing support: I am aware people like the Nipple Buddy breastfeeding cushion, however, You will find usually enjoyed new Boppy

Boppy nursing support: I am aware people like the Nipple Buddy breastfeeding cushion, however, You will find usually enjoyed new Boppy

I’ve a couple of and you will like the swing We keep you to downstairs and one upstairs. I prefer new Boppy primarily getting medical, but i have along with tried it to prop the little one up just after a feeding (if you are I’m sitting close to this lady/him), and assist with sitting up whenever baby are very first learning.

Muslin swaddle bedding: We have a plethora of baby blankets, but the Aden and Anais blankets are by far a favorite. They’re HUGE and lightweight muslin so they’re perfect for swaddling, especially in the warmer months. They’re great to use as a clean place for baby to lay when we’re out and about and as a stroller or car seat cover. I’ve also bought undyed natural muslin from the fabric store and use that as a swaddle blanket. That muslin is less stretchy than the a + a blankets so it’s harder for baby to kick its way out of the swaddle.

Material diapers: These suckers have so many uses. I have a stack of Gerber brand cloth diapers and use them as burp cloths. They’re so absorbent (as they should be – after all they’re diapers!) and really help me protect my own clothes when I’m burping the baby. Stasa and Tommy have been the queen and king of spit up in our house, so we go through bibs like crazy. These diapers have helped catch a lot of the spit up. I bought our batch of diapers back when I had Stasa and they’ve gone through the wash multiple times over several years and have help up well.

Vegetable oil: Thank God Anne told me about this stuff. I’ve replaced my beloved lanolin with it and have used it to heal cracked nipples, as a lube on my pump flanges, as a hand lotion, to help rid Tommy of cradle cap, as a hair mask for Lexi to help her dry scalp, and as a replacement for butter when cooking and baking. LOOOOOOVE this stuff.

Biggest cot sheet: We nonetheless love that it piece over any kind of cot layer. It is a water resistant mat, mattress mat and you will sheet all in one. I’ve two of these and don’t require a whole lot more. We keep a cute normal cot piece towards mattress and you will then put the biggest crib sheet over you to. New snaps succeed so simple to alter, particularly in the middle of the evening and in case the brand new bed mattress are paid down.

We traded you to definitely into the and had a single Kids Pattern jogger and appreciated they

I personally use they for everyone three babies and track its stats and you will vaccinations and you will hypersensitive reactions. Whenever Lexi are a child nowadays which have Tommy I was deploying it to track diapers and you may feedings. Sooooooo much easier to be able to share with your doctor just how the child’s dining and just how of several diapers he or she is undergone in a day. You will find and tried it to track fevers and you can illnesses with the female, that has been convenient once the I could accurately share you to advice to your nursing assistant otherwise doctor after they query. I have it installed to help you one another my personal mobile and apple ipad and you may wish Tom and that i was in fact for a passing fancy iTunes membership therefore he may have it toward their mobile and ipad, also.

Child Link app: I got this software ahead of I’d Lexi and you can love it

Strollers: We’ve gone through six different strollers since Stasa was born. Go ahead, give me the side-eye. I know it sounds crazy and if I knew then what I know now we would have only ever bought two maybe three strollers. We started out with the Graco travel system stroller which was bulky and heavy and not great for outdoors. We put many many miles on that sucker, but then realized we’d need a double stroller once Lexi was born. So I went out and tried multiple doubles and really really wanted the Phil and Teds double stroller, but Tom didn’t want to pay the price for it so we ended up with a Baby Trend double jogger. It was HUGE and HEAVY and awkward and barely fit through our front door. Forget fitting it in the trunk of the car. Before Lexi was born we bought two other strollers: a Chicco umbrella stroller and a Snap n Go. When she was born we had four strollers. I listed both joggers on Craigslist in the hopes of selling those and using that money towards a new double. I was so happy to see both of those strollers go and even happier that I found a used Phil and Teds double stroller on Craigslist for only a couple of hundred dollars (much much less than what it costs new). Once I was pregnant with Tommy I bought the car seat adapter for the P&T so we could use it for him, too. We primarily use the P&T stroller when we go out, but kept the Snap n Go and Chicco umbrella stroller for when we take a singleton out with us.

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